Ideal Server Specs

Alright, I’ve looked around a lot, and there isn’t really a solid answer. I’ve seen that Conan is multi-threaded, Conan isn’t multi-threaded. Can someone give me a more clear answer.

Should Conan be run on a single processor high GHz box, or a multi processor, high core box. I am rebuilding my server computer and want to make one that is best suited for Conan. If a dev could chim in, this would help.

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:grey_question: Even this one is a bit dated post, I like to refresh the topic since I’m too interested in optimizing my server system and it should be no big deal for some developer or Funcom official to give a clear answer on this. There is only one process to be assigned to some cores. Can we expect any benefit from assign it to more than one physical core and/or thread?

Please, give us an answer on this! :roll_eyes: :grin: