Increase Server Performance

I feel like this is becoming needed for the game to survive. I’ve played the game for almost a year now and one of my biggest grips with the game is that officials are just an absolute lag fest. which is why I’ve been thinking about how Funcom could improve performance. So I propose an idea that I feel that I hope the community would be ok with…There needs to be a purge of the servers, there doesn’t need to be 125 American PVP servers when less than 40 have even one person on consistently. I feel like if Funcom was to reduce the number of servers across the board and split the resources to other servers it would allow official servers to be playable in terms of lag.

Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. The server application that runs Conan servers is not optimized for multi threading, thus running only on 1 core or 1 thread per CPU. The reason for this is, that usually for cost reasons you run several servers on the same machine in parallel. And you can reliably spawn X amount of server instances without any of them affecting another on one server machine, because they all run single threaded.

Optimizations could be done in other ways though. For example updating on the latest UE4 version. But this is A LOT of work and not an easy task. Other things like limiting building pieces per player/clan and other micro optimizations are possible. I don’t know though how much time and effort Funcom wants to pump into these kind of optimizations.

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That could be a small reason, but definitely not the main one. UE4 architecture on the version that Conan was built on (a now very heavily modified 4.15) uses basically the same basic principles as it did in UE3 (in terms of CPU allocation). It wasn’t until Fortnite blew up that things started to change in later versions (which of course, was after Conan was already a thing).

There have been some changes of course (back porting as applicable), but as you said, very significant changes couldn’t occur without a significant engine update. And since their 4.15 is heavily modified, a very significant amount of effort and time would be necessary. I believe Scott even covered this in a dev stream a while back, where in Conan wouldn’t see any significant updates for many months while things progressed to a new engine (and let’s be honest, players wouldn’t be patient for that, and that’s at least somewhat understandable).

But ya, as for the OP’s suggestion, won’t make a lick of difference. It’s never that simple with game dev.


wow okay, I didn’t realize just how bad it was for hosting a Conan server. So I guess sadly we’re just gonna have to deal with servers that struggle.

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