Building a server - advice and pitfalls?

Good afternoon,

I am mulling over parts to upgrade a dedicated server specifically for Conan. From what I’ve read so far it seems I want to aim for fewer cores with higher clocks, and large amounts of RAM, as I plan on running multiple “servers” on different game maps (Forgotten Wilds etc) on the same machine. What else benefits a Conan server? Do other CPU benchmarks like CPU cache memory or RAM clock speed make a big difference on performance? Advice and anecdotes appreciated.

The main things are clock rate, sufficient ram as you mention and the hard drive. An nvme is best but an ssd should be fine, but you dont want to go mechanical. As to cores and total ram needed, if you plan on hosting multiple servers with something like amunets server transfer, more is better. I usually figure a minimum of two cores per server instance, and 8gb of ram per server. I don’t think you have to worry about cache too much because clock speed matters more and a higher clock should also have more cache. Hope that helps.

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Bear in mind my 8gb of ram is for just a minimal amount of mods. If you use a lot of mods, double that.

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Yes, the current machine has 16 gigs and runs two maps and has basically maxed out that quantity of RAM with my current mod setup.