Server Requirements Question

Dear Funcom,

So if I wanted to host a single machine running servers for both the base game AND Siptah, each capped at 15 players, what would you recommend as the minimum hardware requirements?

Whatever you have now. Plus some additional RAM. The server runs on a single core, so CPU should be fine if its multicore.

The server I work on uses about 9.5GB of RAM, so if I were to run another server, I’d need double that. But it runs a few mods, I don’t know what you’re running so we have no basis for comparison.

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I just run base + WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain.

I can’t for the life of me remember how much RAM I stuck in that thing though…ugh.

Thanks for the reply though!

My current conan server uses 5,3 gigs at the moment. But it fluctuates up and down depending on players.
Though I have about 10 mods or so on it.
But yeah, to be on the safe side I’d go with 8-10 gigs per server.

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