Built a Server PC, but what about network requirements?

I built a server PC for Conan Exiles and one other game. It runs great! However, I was wondering how much bandwidth I need to have more than a few people on it? Right now we have two local users and two non-local users. Ideally, I’d like to go public and have up to 40 people play. The server us lightly modded. Like… 5-6 mods.

Server Rig Specs:
CPU: I5 10th Gen (No Integrated Graphics)
GPU: 960 GTX 2GB
RAM: 64 GB DDR4 @ 3600Mhz
SSD: Samsung 870 EVO

Modem: Netgear Nighthawk CM2000
Router: Netgear Nighthawk AX8 RAX70
Internet Speed: 230+Mb/s DL, 10+Mb/s UL
Using CAT-6 Ethernet cable from Modem to Router and Router to Server.
*It’s worth noting that there are 7 people using Wifi in my household. Everyone except the server and my wife and I’s rigs are locked to 54Mb/s 2.4Ghz band. Our rigs are on ethernet as well.

Now the question is: Should I bother paying for the 1Gb/s internet speed?

Any feedback on the server is appreciated too. Thanks!

CPU is air cooled, but has no heat issues under it’s current load. If I did bump into heat issues I would switch to liquid cooling. I’m not positive of a per-core Ghz at the moment, I will check the server a little later.

I know that the GPU is a waste, but when I bought the CPU I cheaped out and overlooked the fact that it didn’t have integrated graphics. Luckily I had an extra GPU on hand, so I settled for using that because I had already opened the CPU box, which voids the return policy.

128GB for how large of a server? Last I checked with 4 players system load for RAM is around 2-3GB. So I’d assume at 40 players we should be around 20-30GB, maybe as much as 1GB/player.

While your post is accurate, it doesn’t address the OP’s question of the network requirements. I am also curious as to why you think that 128 GB of ram is needed for a large server when the official guidelines only ask for 12GB.

Apologies in advance if I confuse bits with bytes in this post. It is based off of user research posts and they and I are not always the best at making sure to annotate the difference.

So some quick googling estimates that Conan Exiles actually uses less then 15 kb/s per user.
Sources: https://www.reddit.com/r/ConanExiles/comments/63cqx4/low_bandwidth_appreciation/ and Internet Usage for Multiplayer :: Conan Exiles General Discussions

So a 70 player server would need approximately 1 Mb/s of download and upload dedicated to it. Your stated upload speed is 10 Mb/s so you should be fine.

However not all internet providers guarantee you dedicated lines. You might only have maximum speeds on a shared line. For example, they may have a 1 Gb/s line that they have sold 230 Mb/s download speeds to 10 people on the assumption that no more then half of the people on that line are using it at a time. Think airport overbooking that assumes a number of people will miss the flight. This is more common in apartment setups then traditional home setups.

On top of that you have 7 people on your home network. Many routers are setup with no traffic priorities or setup to prioritize video files as the most consumers are streaming. This means that if multiple people are steaming YouTube or Netflix for example, your router may prioritize their traffic over the server’s traffic, even though it is small by comparison. This would introduce lag into your server. Usually you can configure you router to reserve or prioritize network traffic for the server.

You should be fine, but there are some additional considerations I would recommend.

Thanks, so I will definitely be fine then! The only two gaming rigs on the landlines don’t stream or use high amounts of data aside from updating games occasionally. Everyone else in my household is stuck on the 2.4Ghz band which I have limited to 54Mb/s.

My router does offer priority setup, but I find that simply limiting the bandwidth of everyone else in the house works better.

I couldn’t find any information on whether or not Spectrum provides dedicated or shared internet though…

Thanks again for your input!

Is the limit 54Mb/s total or per device.

Ah I missed the other game reference. I still think 64GB is adequate, but without knowing the other game I can’t be certain.

Sorry guys, it’s 7 Days to Die! However, I only run 7 Days to Die “as needed” because it’s for my wife and I. Not truly dedicated.

Just make sure you set up proper QoL functions if you want the server to be a priority on your network.

I have potatoes running CE servers and it ran fine on 11 MB up for around 5 people. I have since upgraded to 40 MB up and didnt see any difference. Getting better down speed would only help get the server back up quicker when massive updates hit and the server has to download them, so you’re probably fine.

Yeah, I did this once before and due to the extremely high network volume from the rest of my household I actually ended up capping the rest of the users at 54Mb/s and doing away with QoL. I think you’re right though, and I will do both. Cap the household AND setup QoL!