Ideas to make game better

If they want to bring transfers back it’s either they make siptah free( which will never happen) or make it where exiled lands there’s surges that give you siptah armour weapons and stuff like that. Or even the world events do that at least. That way it wouldn’t make it pay to win in a way cause siptah armour and weapons are a lot better than exiled lands.
Making the game cheaper or free as well . They could make so much more money from battle pass and store if that was the case . On steam it’s 20-30 bucks for PC . But for consoles they still fully charging 50-60 dollars on a game that’s buggy as hell and with almost no pop. This game only needs pop at this point and balancing and optimizations. Fixing the bugs. The pvp so far is the best I’ve seen it since they brought horse to the game. Finally no more OP thralls or 1 shot game breaking stuff. Now they got to capitalize on this and create some pop

Many materials used to make Siptah armors and weapons are not on Exiles. Already events gives recipes that can not be made due to lack of materials needed. If materials could be found on Exiles that could work. @zput2bed

They should add some eldarium on exiles lands maybe in those events the npcs drop it or when you harvest them you get some. Especially if they planning on bringing back transfers

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Eldarium yes could not remember what Item we would need on our server we. Have a fellow who sells them to people who want Siptah items. I picture a update to either remove recipes or make available materials.

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