Identify who initiates the VK!

Please funcom do a good thing, put the nickname of who initiates the votes to kick

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Funcom, please do not ever put in code to identify the person who initiates a vote kick.
I see no purpose to providing identification other than to provide a target for others to abuse or attack. Whether it be other players in the raid or the target of the vote kick if they find out who it is via another player telling them.

Identifying who is starting a vote kick will not stop players who love to get attention from doing unjustified unnecessary vote kicks to get others to pay attention to them - unfortunately some players really enjoy making other people angry at them. It will not stop those who initiate vote kicks out of a sense of righteousness, for lack of a better word - you know the ones I’m talking about…
All I see it leading to is a further unpleasantness and viciousness in the raid finder chat and in global/NPH chat as the vote-kick-initiator justifies why they started a kick or others attack them for starting it.

There are other ways to limit the number of vote kicks initiated. Such as:
a) each player gets a maximum number of vote kicks they are allowed to start per raid finder.
b) each player has a cool down between being able to start a vote kick. Eg start any vote kick -> blocked from starting another vote kick at all for x minutes. Most fights will last less than 10 minutes, so if this interval was 15 minutes then it would block spammed back to back kicks by one player.
c) there is already a cool down period on starting a vote kick on a person who has had an unsuccessful kick initiated against them => this time could be increased
d) code so that it takes more than one player selecting vote kick within x minutes on a specific player before the rest of the raid sees it to vote on … say two or three players have to select vote kick x within two minutes before the vote appears on the screen for the rest of the raid


Even just moving the raid kick window to the upper right corner would be a big help, since right now it pops up right in the middle and affects heals, dps and tanks