If an official server closes down, will the saves become available for download?

You know… just asking.
Just in case.

Nothing being implied. Just need to know how much effort I should invest on official servers, because i’m having a blast. But… one builds an ice palace differently from a pyramid.

“Fortune comes to those with a prepared mind”, after all.

You have more chance of plating snot

That’s… not up to you to decide. I shoulda sent @tascha a PM coming to think of it.

I am not decideing anything just telling you the likelihood of that happening pm her she will be back in 2 weeks

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Unless you’re I.M. Pei. But this ain’t Cleveland, and we’re not talkin’ about Rock ‘n’ Roll. We’re talking about game .db, right? I wouldn’t want my engrams caught up in your world, tbh, without consent. So if I played on that server I’d want you to at least ask me (as a player) before obtaining a copy. :slight_smile:

In other words, you were right to bring it up here.

Hm, interesting perspective. I’d like to explore that a bit.

Studio Wildcard released the server save files for all legacy servers, after they announced that some of them were going to be shut down. This event was repeatedly 3 times, as “three great migrations” happened. ( that’s what they call the culling of servers, because people then would evacuate their assets from a server in a kill list, to another server which was not on the kill list).

My base still exists on a ARK PvE legacy server to this day, but everyone else could use a copy of my base however they like without my consent cuz…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have a feeling all that we do on a video game, is actually “licensed” to us, isn’t it? We don’t actually legally own any of the 3D assets, animations, code or sound. We just pay for authorization to use it, AFAIK. It’s what the EULA’s half about?

This is why we can’t sue game companies for property damage when a wipe happens. I don’t think the data protection law falls under protecting how we choose to arrange licensed 3D objects in a virtual world, i.e. building something in CE. ( IF that’s what you mean under engrams?)

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You know in Matrix 3: Revolutions, where the software Rama Kandra is talking to Neo about love. About his daughter. Engram would be likewise a word, a feeling, something distinct about my presence and style that makes it a bit odd to think of it belonging to someone else. I believe in Ark the recipes are called engrams, so it seems natural my Conan Stew on a server might be regarded as such. Especially if you’re thinking about building a lifeboat. :wink:

leans back against the chair * in deep thought* rubschin

I get what your saying, I think. Are you effectively trademarking your signature?

Like… If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

When an author writes a book, it’s not really from scratch because the idea, the letters themselves, and the book/program upon which it is written has been made already… so nothing is really made from scratch.

Where does one’s engram begin and end in this long additive process?

Wouldn’t your Conan Stew be an engram of all the designers and coders that worked on it, first and foremost?

Aren’t we just replicating Funcom’s engrams?


They handed us a pencil and we both composed a poem. It would be odd for me to think of your possessing that poem, interacting with it, without my express consent. I’m never speaking of prohibition, I believe honestly in giving of my digital self. I am simply speaking for many players who might wish to know there’s a copy or two out there. :smiley:

I do enjoy corresponding with you, and I expect you gather a lot from what is said. So please understand though my answer may be brief, it is never glib.

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Oh I know. I take no offense or annoyance or any such to your perspective. I’m just a bit surprised that consent is even considered to be a thing in save files on an official server.

Because your right in that the emotional investment in all that we do on official servers really can be considered an engram. Our bases ARE our bases, by right of effort.

I’m just exploring this a bit, cuz it is a profound point of view. It is something I need to think about on a philosophical level.


Would I rather be able to fully take possession of my own engram, without being able to take possession of other people’s engram and play singleplayer, which would undermine my perception of the game experience,because it doesn’t feel as “legit” ? official PvE to me is like singleplayer without access to the admin panel. Other people add value and legitimacy to all that I do.

Or would I rather accept the loss of my own engram, in respect to not taking possession of other people’s engram, but therefore have had enjoyed value and legitimacy by right of effort?

It’s a bit of a conundrum.


Hmm ya see. This thing about engrams.

It’s a bit similar to clones.

If you teleport yourself with a Starfleet Teleporter, and somehow you materialize on the target, but never dematerialized at the origin, who out of the 2 teleported beings is the real you?

I believe the real you is the one who possesses the first instance of conciousness.

The base I built on the live server, will legitimately be my base, for it is the first instance of it’s kind. But any copies made from that, is merely a clone.

The base on the live server will be evolved by me, myself. But the copies of my base will be possibly per-mutated in many different ways, therefore my engram diverges out of my influences, and is no longer mine.


Here’s the problem with that teleporter trope. You are different because you each have a destination. Irrespective of the state during cloning, each individual presents himself because each has his own path. Self determinism is inherent.

The problem I’ve always had with robots is my state during their creation. My ethical choice, back in my AIBO days, was always this: am I evolved enough to write an intelligence? Furthermore, how different will an AI be in 10 years when I’m older and better? Am I a monster to create this at my present state of development?

An element of consent would be about my feelings, as a player. Could I be embarrassed by my (lack of) development in my buildings? My density of stations, an untidy desk? Cluttered belongings around topless dancers? :wink:

The distinction between this world and the Exiled Lands is that you can never die. No matter what happens, unless you unlock your mechanism, you are immortal. Perhaps that makes a server presence less gossamer for me.

When a soul escapes a dying man, the scales on the hospital bed register a minor loss of weight: if we are not given the chance to escape the server, we are imprisoned. And like beasts encased in amber – pretty, polishable, but lost to time.

Your someone I’d like to smoke a blunt with.


Guys, this was a lot better read than working time regulations in Norway👍


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