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On Xbox Live there is a club named Barbarian TV. About 500 people, strictly PvP players, I would presume the majority of them have paid full price for this game and every DLC that has come out as it was released. So do the math(I’m obviously approximating) that’s roughly50k spent by a group of people who were/are content with the game until it got “fixed” and changed entirely. Has anyone from the team bothered to check out their interests ? Or were they expected to come here to the forums, which don’t really offer them a fair platform for communication. I guess were they expected to come to you even though they were playing their game and had no problems with it, and therefore no need to come complain about anything? Just wondering because I can’t help but notice most of those people are moving on from CE. Check it out, lots of good stuff there.

Do you really expect the devs to personally contact every single person who’s bought the game? How are they to know? Did you give them your mailing address?

It doesn’t matter how much they spent, if they don’t actually voice their opinion in a spot where it can be seen, how can anyone know?

If a tree falls in the forest…


So its unreasonable for them to come to funcom? but funcom should have went to them? how is it unreasonable one way but not the other?


I wasn’t sure the correct way to word what I was trying to say, your point is valid in the fact that I wasn’t sure how to say what I was trying to say.

Guess I’m trying to say that there was nothing wrong with the PvP by the PvP players standards so there was no reason to come here for them. And I am not any kind of official spokesperson, this is all just based on observations, random conversations, etc.

But yeah, the Devs should have actually gone out and done their own observing and seen with their own eyes through their own experiences what was the problem if there even was a problem. Instead they just put up a thread asking for feedback from a very diversified community( PS4, PC,Steam, Xbox…) wherein they game is actually very different from one platform to the next and furthermore , not saying anything bad about the forums community, but we don’t really even represent a full 1% of the actual CE community so…hope you’re following me. Problems have been misrepresented, IMO

But anyways, if you have the means, check out Barbarian TV on Xbox live coz that is some GOOD ****!!! :joy:

I don’t mean to be rude here when I say this, but you are out of touch. That’s now how any of this works. Name one game where the developers went and hunted down private communities to talk to instead of having those people come to them. It’s unheard of and 100% unreasonable to expect of anyone to do.

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sighs Kids these days

I would think technology and mainstream laziness(due to technology) is not an acceptable excuse for failure to produce acceptable profit margins

I’m 23.

You mean the laziness of the average gamer to leave their feedback in provided channels, and entitled complaining they personally aren’t being catered to on an individual level?

I didn’t realize you were the funcom accountant. Pretty bold statements coming if you aren’t.


Yes, kids

No, i mean the laziness of the average entitled complaining millennial that will google a YouTube video instead of reading the provided instructions for example (Alexa? How do I check my oil?)

Right, coz I’m the first person in these forums to speculate that Funcom isn’t doing as well as they could be(or should be)

Ok Junior , please, explain the entitled part to me. You got me there. Is it because I’m exercising freedom of speech or because my opinions are outside of your mainstream?

Lol I just come to check that this Jimbo dude is being toxic everywhere.
And he answers as “Ok Boomer”.
Definetly some sort of depressed person creating reasons of his own failures.

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Complaining profusely and endlessly because the devs aren’t wasting their time coming to every single player’s house for tea time and to ask them to backseat develop for them is pretty entitled. Typically you bring feedback to people, not have them go out and hunt for it. Shows you’ve never worked in any sort of PR field in your life.

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean protection from being called out

I work in telecommunications so I’ll take that as a compliment. Also a bizarre thing to say over the internet while arguing over a video game.

At least I’m literate.

Do I? Jeez that’s a lot more than I thought

Your destiny is what you make of it. I have an actual job, for example. I don’t rush to the forums to beg for a job because I worked for my position.

Your destiny is what you make of it. I have an actual job, for example. I don’t rush to the forums to beg for a job because I worked for my position.

I hope one day you understand the famous:
“I know that I know nothing”

Still looking for validation…
Are you good with relationships? does not seem so… 10k posts viewed? So much time. You have an ego problem, I’m sure.

And WTF I’m here talking to you? lol.
Im out.

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Don’t quote philosophers you don’t understand, my guy.

You’re reading way, way too much into my personal life dude. Try taking a step back and look into your own.

Yes I will. You are right. Good advice.
Dunno WTF im doing in CE forum.

Tried to help the community, got kicked in my butt.

Thanks. I guess the dopamine of answering was hitting hard here. I was enjoying it. Pure cocaine. Not healthy.


That’s going up on my fridge. Love to see it.

Your version of help is very different from the rest of ours.

Nah not healthy at all. I gotta step back too. It’s taxing dealing with people who think they have the ultimate solution to all world problems and it’s not a good idea at all.

Ok, at this point it’s enough. Further discussions can be continued via DM.