If i craft 2x bubbles (OFFICIAL)

Will it stack, or will it just be like 48 hours like one? I have 1k zeals, do i have to craft 1 each time i want, you will it just extend?

I would think it would not stack since the only way to improve durability is to add mods to equipment, as I think the time limits are implemented as durability.

You could do a test to be sure, if you do this on single player, it will take you a long time to run the test.

Yeah, im not sure.

When i begin to craft 2x at the same time, only one of the bubbles gets crafted, the other one is on “hold”

Then the game is possibily telling you that it can only use one at a time.

I never messed with the altars for avatars or bubbles. Learned something new.

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