Avatar protection disappears from the altars

hello, how long does the protection on the altars last? I activated two protections but they are no more.


Bubbel hold in 36 hours

If u create 2x in same altar it stil be as 1x. That just wastes of material. If you want 2x bubbel u need 2x altar for it

More info about it

1x. Bubbel. Need 7x god to destroying it

2x altar need 14x gods ect

14x found spec to next altar you can build close to the first one

                         Same for top and down

Bubbel size. (<—14x-mid—14x—>)

ok thanks.but it is not normal however, on the altars it says “a protection that remains on the altars” and then after 36h it disappears. but we are joking? 500 events every 36h. while you can do the avatar whenever you want and lasts 48h .a pvp player must practically only play to farm zeal manifestations.

Yeah :(. But go for set and farm steel bar and brims is cheaper for bubbel then other altar

Need 2k steel bar and 2k brimstone

for me it is not convenient to do so.I work all day and I do not connect much. I play pvp and I have 4 altars. I should do 2000 events every 36h and in the clan we are only 2. how disgusting

this game is tiring me.I’m playing from the first day it came out and I’ve never changed game. but now I’m tired of all these crap they do.I spent a lot of money for this game I wasted so much time and now even a low level can throw me down the base …

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sorry if my English is not the best. but only Italian and I use the translator to write

It okej. Just do so go one day hard farm iron and tar like 70k and make a lot of steel bar then you fine :slight_smile: I do so solo have bubbel every 36h

the problem is that my husband and I are in the clan. Do not imagine how difficult it is to play when you have a job, children, etc. Etc. I leave the game …

thank you so much for answering me. you are very kind :wink:

No problem what server u play on mabey try join a clan ?

official server 3078…no no i don’t let anyone in. we tried but they stole everything and destroyed the base. so we decided to stay alone

They should make rank of clan who can destroy

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exact.but I doubt they will

Hello @Aela, thank you for getting in touch!

As @Gtch has stated, the protection lasts 36 hours and does not stack, which is intended.

It may be costly but it’s essential for PVP servers, although it’s understandable that you might have trouble keeping it up as a two player clan since this is an end-game mechanic for clan versus clan warfare, so we’d recommend to either recruit new members or find a clan that’s recruiting.

Alternatively, you could also consider PVE-C server if you’d rather play in a small group.

If you farm a place like Mounds of the Dead, you can probably get 2000 steel in 2½-3 hours (200 every 15 minutes).

If you don’t have time for that, it’s probably not a good idea to play on a pvp server anyway.

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Also, if you have good gear/spec, you can do it faster than the 15 minutes respawn time, so also farming human hearts wont slow you down.

play in pve? never prefer to leave the game … thanks for the answer but on the altars it says “a protection that remains on the altars” which is not consistent on the fact that the protection lasts 36h while the avatar 48h. one can also do 30 avatars while the protection lasts only 36h. should be protection and avatars every 36h …

then let people come in to find you without base and material? no thanks … I believe that you don’t know how pvp really works without having 10,100x.the material you have to sweat to do it, the real base from pvp takes you whole weeks. then for to finish it completely as we did it took months. to see what your base is going down because players can do as much as they want the avatars and you have to wait 36 ​​hours instead. it is not right for nothing. you do it on purpose to ruin the alpha clans … send sandstone players forward who have taken the game for free, while we who spent some money find ourselves sitting on the ground. but please, I’m tired of this nonsense … I leave the game that is better.

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