If They Added New Factions From Pop Culture, These Are Ones I Would Like To See



If they added new factions from pop culture, these are ones I would like to see:
-SCP Foundation
-Global Occult Coalition
More General Ideas:
-Something from Egypt (Maybe a name like ‘Eye of Horus’)

Pretty unlikely ideas but I wanted to talk about them on the forums.


I’d like to see some more monster hunting factions within the game, that aren’t into the whole politics of the secret world and are more like the hunters from Supernatural. They just go around the world killing monsters and dealing with the supernatural, demons, ghosts, and what not. Basically more people like Boone and Moose, but more organised, but not so organised that they care about the politics of the other factions. They don’t care about power or secrets, they just want to keep the secret world from interfering too much in normal peoples lives.


Although it is rumored that they may secretly run one of the Factions right now…

The St Mary’s Institute of Historical Research:

Delta Green:

The White Council:

Monster Hunters International:


I’d love to be able to join the Swarm (Choose Your Own), and there are the other factions at Venice (e.g. Druids) we haven’t seen anything of. But to pop culture, that mostly leads in the direction of major IPs.

While it wouldn’t blend with the game style, I can’t help but want a group of bees who reject the factions and instead try to be superheros in a disorganised but well-meaning kind of way while on-the-run from the big secret societies. Like a cross between Ghostbusters, the Defenders and Orphan Black.

They probably won’t add a new faction, as they’re downplaying the current ones, but some ideas of new factions could always be taken forward as a cross-faction reputation style system. We cross paths with an NPC fighting the same dude we are we join their club via a few trials and help out occasionally. We have this kind of relationship with some NPCs who randomly phone us with a problem for us to sort out, but it would be a formal kind of thing.