Illuminati bees?

Wow, I never realised that there are real bees on team blue!
This is a northern blue banded bee from Darwin in Australia :grinning:
Credit goes to Nick Volpe Wildlife Photography.


Australian bee. Whoever’s holding it is lucky they didn’t get an express visit to Darwin. Just sayin’.

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Indeed. Even if it’s a dead specimen, which I’m sure it is, it will still have the ability to viciously and callously murder you. :smiley:

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The sting does look pretty fierce :smiley:

Want to know what is a total let down in Australia vis a vis stuff being terrifying and deadly?

Any European will laugh in scorn at the weak, tiny little Australian seagulls. I have several friends who thought that herring gulls were albatrosses, because their seagulls are so much smaller!

I mean, size is not a factor in Deathland. There’s that cute little blue octopus that’s all tiny, but has enough tetrodoxin to mess up you and your entire familys day. Small and cute doesn’t exclude screaming, painful death. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, not sure i’d classify seagulls of any size as cute tbh. I would link an Australian song called “The Ibis Song! (A Song About Birds)”, but it’s got NSFW language, so yeah, look it up on youtube if you wanna see it :wink: