I hope to see him in the game



I’m fine seeing flying insects of all sizes and shapes and colors. I don’t mind poison stings (I run a Survival 40 build anyway).

What I hate is that damn buzzing noise. Even imagining that now gives me shivers.


Agreed, that buzzing noise gets infuriating very quickly, at least CE isn’t like ARK, which has these 3 buzzing nuisances;
Giant Bee
Meganeura (Think of a giant carnivorous dragonfly)
Titanomyrma Soldier (Flying ants)

The fact that CE only has bugs that don’t buzz is a good thing to me, although the addition of scarab beetles might be nice.

Would be great TBH.
You bump into a wild hive containing lots of honey and some bees but in exchange for blurred vision/stopped stamina regen., kinda like the drunken debuff. Sort of. Maybe stackable to 5.

whats that buzzing noise?..too late!

It’s too big :face_with_thermometer:

I hope that’s a very tiny hand. Or maybe those are the Super Hornets (F/A-18).

In any case, whoever is holding those monsters on their hand must have nerves of steel. No matter if they’re dead or just sleeping, I couldn’t just casually hold them like that.

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yeah they are the " murder hornets" and i DO NOT WANT TO EVER SEE ONE FLYING AROUND ME lmao

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