Finally. Now what?

After many (many many) attempts, today I finally killed that… unprintable sneaky fellow who put a bug under my bunk.

Unfortunately he had no identifying marks or other clues as to what he was doing. Perhaps he was just a pervert? Probably not - he was warping out when I killed him, so he was almost certainly a Bee.

The big problem is - now what? I feel a bit like the dog who actually caught a car. What next?


Dear diary:

Today I managed to kill that guy again - he kept planting those bugs, so I will keep trying to dissuade him. He’s definitely a Bee - I don’t know anything else that is intelligent, non-Filthy, comes back from death and whose body dissolves like that.

He hasn’t slipped up - still nothing identifiable on the body.

I’m really starting to wonder about this guy though - what’s the point of bugging me? Yeah, I’ve managed to do some things, and yeah I’ve got a (truly ridiculous) price on my head, but why try to bug me instead of trying for that price? Admittedly, he would have some competition for that price, but what does he think I know? Or what does he think someone else would try to tell me?

More to the point - what would be worth the pain involved? Anima exhaustion still hurts after all.

I do hope me hitting him isn’t the point. Ew.


Dear diary.

Well, managed to kill (or exhaust his Anima again) today. This is really starting to disturb me. What is he attempting to overhear? Certainly it’s not me talking to anyone, not even myself.

I suppose it has some therapeutic value, beating up on him and playing with the latest assassin. Waiting for my handler to get back to me is starting to wear. It’s been a vacation of sorts, but I am ready to get back to work.



((Enemies to lovers speedrun, GO! xD))