I'm having an issue with " no sound "

Hello, players and devs.

I’m encountering a problem that I’ve had never before.

I can hear the few sounds from the intro but then I can’t hear anything. I tried literally everything.
I changed my 5.1 Sound to Stereo, changed stuff in my Soundcard Program etc.
I’m using a Soundblaster Z Soundcard with a Razer Kraken V2 Pro. If anyone knows a fix to this, I would be so thankful.

i have the same issue like u do and i did everything i would like to ask you if you have an gtx 1060 or an usb headset?

Got same issues here. Right now I got an Bluetooth headset and an USB mic

Same issue… I have a 1060 6 gig and USB headset, not sure why that would matter lol. I had no issues as of yesterday.

hmmm im the same with 1060 and an usb headset i think thats the problem why we have no sound at all… its either because of our “usb” headsets or the gtx 1060 :confused: well it looks like that we have to wait for a fix about this issue maybe just maybe conan exiles is no compatible with usb headsets… im sure that the devs will look the issue up and fix it right awy :smiley:

alright here i am again! i found the fix guys :smiley: i finally have sound! its very simple to fix the game.
step 1. uninstall Directx 9 runtimes
step2. Install the runtimes again
step3. tada enjoy the Game with sound!