No sound after intros! tryed everything

So it’s a release day.

Haven’t played since nov 2017 where i had a large castles and everything (about 100 hours playtime)
Now, with latest EA patch starting march and now with release I have no sound after the intros - for intro it’s fine, after that no sounds at all. (completely)
tried everything changed active soundcards, drivers, reinstalled the game from a scratch - nothing helps.
i have i7 on asus z370 prime, 32 gigs, gtx1080ti, primary card asus xonar DX, secondary card internal realtek.
stereo Speakers, headphones (analog), no usb though - nothing works. No special settings like DSP are enabled. So i’m totally frustrated.
Windows 10 pro 1709 x64 fresh install
Dear support - please advise.

If you have any mods, remove them :slight_smile:

no mods at all clean install

A clean install of the game is actually going to involve manually deleting a folder called “Conan Exiles”. The default pathway for this folder would be:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\

Try installing again once you’ve deleted the “Conan Exiles” folder. Please update here if this helps you or not.

I have the same exact problem and I tried with a lot of things and nothing works. Also I noticed that also I can’t see the subtitles even if I have it activates on settings menu.

Mine is on disk E:, anyhow 33 gigs downloading again after removing from steam lib and then manual folder removal. will update once finished.

Nope, the very same. no sound at all after intro

I did a clean reinstall and continue with the problem :confused:. And, as I said before, I can’t see the subtitles even if it are activated.

I guess support will never help! How to refund after 100h of gameplay?

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