Still no audio after intro cutscene

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I already made a topic about this but due to personal reasons I couldnt continue to respond and the topic was closed, since the problem still persists I made a new post. I apologize if this is considered spam.

Audio completly stops after a few seconds into the character creation, tried to search online but that didnt bring up a solution, re-installing,clean install and steam repair also didnt change anything.

Besides that, the game works perfectly fine on ultra with 60 fps, so I dont think my comp is the problem, im using a USB headset (turtle beach z60) so I figured CE might not like that, but I dont have another available .

It has been like this from the start.

Im on Windows 7 by the way.

Hey @Khuras

It seems like a problem of compatibility with your headset and/or your OS. If reinstalling or updating the headset drivers doesn’t solve this issue we would recommend to either upgrade your OS or changing the headset.

Hi hi ^^

I also had the same issue with a bluetooth headset, it took me a loooong time to find the issue but here is what i found.

It looks like the microphone controler (sub driver) for a complet headset (sound+microphone) create conflict with conan once the game is connected to a server (not during the intro neither in the main page / server selection)

The one to disable is “profil mains libre” (handfree profile)
You should probably find something similiar with an usb headset ^^

Even if it’s solved, it really need to be fixed on game side, everytime i restart the pc, i get a delay because of the bluetooth link brake or i need to restart the headset… all need to be redo each time :confused:

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Excuse me, but how did you get into that interface?

Cant find it for the life of me.

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