I'm playing om the Series X I saw a you tube vidoe today they your thralls you now use all your emotes in stead of just standing there, I went back to game and and it wasn't available to that? Is there alot of content Xbox users are do not available them?

I saw on you tube today that your thralls can use your emotes, but it was notmworkiong on my game. They said it was the latest update, was just for PC or consoles also?

It’s currently only in the TestLive server. I dunno if XBox users have a TestLive client or not but I thought they did. If they do get on whatever site you DL’ed Conan from and get the TestLive client.

Keep in mind though that it’s the first release of version 2.8 in this development cycle so a lot of stuff prolly won’t be working 100% yet…


Thank You, I think the autonomy of the the thralls is is big issue, and the name or known thralls could use some dialog. There’s so many cool placable things they could do when your just hanging out building.


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