I'm trying to find out why I'm banned

I’m trying to find why I’m banned from official servers not aware of thing I’ve done


Please stop posting threads like this. You have been banned not without reason. They are very strict with reports, requiring hard evidence. Such threads don’t belong there, if you want to appeal ban, go to funcom zendesk.
Please read: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures


He’s new to the forums and trying to find out why he’s banned what’s wrong with that?


This is the third post asking the exact same question in 20 minutes, this is not a coincidence.


Yes, i bet it is same person.

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You want me to tell you why it is wrong?

IF you would read Terms of conduct you would know how to appeal a ban (not on forum) - that’s makes clear that you didn’t read it so don’t be shocked that you or your friend got banned. Just read it and make sure you don’t break any rule.


I’m not banned the guy that made the topic is we where just trying to find out where to go you know a answer like you just gave us there’s no need to be a smart as when people are just looking for answers but hey thinks for the info


Thanks guys bye

Send a message to Zendesk you should get a answer there is the possibility that someone in your clan did something Funcom goes after the entire clan expecting all members are involved as it should be. Toxic messages building exploits and overall being RICHARD CRAINIUM,S is getting people banned.


My thoughts are everyone is complaining that people don’t get banned and yet we have quite a few people coming on to the Forum wanting to know why they have been banned my question is witch are legitimate and who is not I understand Funcom doesn’t want to air dirty laundry but after all this time maybe we should get the skelton,s out of the closet we are more or less adults here. And any one who is not should not be playing 18 plus year old game. I understand lots of younger players don’t care they are not the ones complaining on Funcom Forum. Good Night.

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Well Understood Right now playing this supposedly broken game I do understand it is not right but unplayable.

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There’s always complaints on both sides. I do complain that they didn’t react fast enough and cheaters scare most of players, but it seem that they are improving.

People that complain on forum after being banned are guilty most of the time, as You can clearly see they didn’t even bother to read terms of service.

Anyway, any game i played there’s always banned people trying to play fool.


Hi there, and welcome to the forums. As others have pointed out, official servers have rules and guidelines that players are supposed to adhere to.

If you were banned and you’re not sure why, or you want to try to appeal your ban, you should submit a request via Zendesk, the tool Funcom uses for that. Make sure you select “Ban Information (Why was I banned?)” as the request type, and fill in all the relevant information the form asks you to.


Hi! As has been pointed out a few times in this thread, please submit a ticket through the Zendesk help portal for inquiries about suspensions. We won’t be able to provide details like this over the forums.
Thank you!