IMPORTANT: Sulfur Lake Building STOP

I propose and hope that this proposal will be heard if users find themselves in favor of banning sulfur lake building. Building inside the lake and thus breaking the sulfur spawn, the server suffers and those with the sulfur monopoly win in the server. This is absurd. Remove this poop.

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offline and online still connected… so this change basically takes away one of my homes. =/

Alot of areas need abit of this… or maybe a new method, maybe ores and such can still spawn long as “building” piece isnt on top of it.

sure the lake is a great place to farm sulfur in bigger quantities but it’s not the only spawn. we also have a bunch of caves and on the east you can find sulfur in the water.


I agree with this, But isnt is easier if people just stopped being complete retards and block off certain spots.

I mean the extent the developers have to go trough just because some people are idiots, its iam a loss for words… i dont have this issue but i play on a server with people with fully functional brains and common sense.


The problem isn’t that building in the lake is possible - the problem is that people choose to do so.

If the lake becomes a no-build zone, people will just build a wall around the lake and deny others the resources. If you extend the no-build zone 100 meters, they’ll just build a longer wall around the no-build zone.


where it has to be said that the artifical shortage of a resource in pvp is definitely a valid tactic.

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