Players closing sulfur spawn in official server PVP 4503 (PS4)

Hi guys, I need a help to report players who are closing all the sulfur spawn in the official server PVP 4503 Latin America (PS4). They are claiming inside the sulfur lake so the sulfur don’t spawn. They are a big clan and they got angry because I have a 3 man clan and we are blow up their bases. I have an video of the sulfur lake but I don’t know how I can send it to ■■■■■■, beacuse they don’t have an link to report players. Tks


Read this, maybe it will solve.


Thank you very much!! I’ll do it


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Thanks, I sent a message to the admins and got a response.

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You can also set up trebuchets with other clans on the server to clean the area as well, if bombs aren’t an option.


It would be interesting to know if they’re going to take any action, considering that it’s a PVP server.

So far, they haven’t clarified to what degree they plan to enforce the rules against resource blocking, on PVP servers.

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this one helps thanks

Is impossible using trebuchets because they claimed all the area around the sulfur lake too. They claimed almost the entire map.

According the Terms of onduct, guidelines and procedures, I believe and hope they will take some action:

"Regarding the building system, although freedom is encouraged through the sandbox mechanics of the game, please remember that there are other players sharing the server with you. We reserve the rights to act upon in cases we deem necessary, such as but not limited to:

Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, resources and other areas of the game.

Abuse of the claim system (claim spam) where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other player’s access to resources and building spots."

The admin answered me at the same time I sended the message, and I’m sending more evidences that the players are using “anti-game” conducts, they blocked all the underwater sulfur spawn, the black ice and the star metal spawn, and claimed almost the entire map too.
I think if you are in a PVP server is to raid and be raided. They have big bases, many active players and are worry with a small three men clan who don’t accept alliances and just want playing PVP and not PVE. If they want build pretty castles and create beautiful outfits may go to the PVE servers. We were raided 4 ou 5 times and one of these times we losted everithing and do’nt had problem. We borned naked again in the desert and begin again. The difficult be part of the game.
They have no competence to find us, and accuse us of glitch an they are the ones using glitch.

With the recent trebuchet changes a few months ago, you can shoot rocks very very far. From your screen shot, I don’t see that much spam past the outer edge of the actual water area, but, its you and your server dealing with it and not me. You chose to report it, that’s fine…I would see that as a challenge to clear it out while defending your trebs from them.

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