Is it normal? May be it is game moment?

Plauyig in official server #1212 Where 1 german clan blocked respawn points of sulfure in sulfure lake

Nobody on this server can gather sulfur Name of german clan is ****** Nickname one of member of that clan is *******

Is it normal?

May be it is a game fich?

If so i gues i select a wrong game and need find some other but i liked this game till this happen with sulfur spawn(

There are a lot of sources of brimstone, not just that lake. I am living in the jungle, and I never run out of brimstone. Whenever I do trips to the volcano to farm blood I usually throw away multiple stacks of it because there is so much.

If someone builds near spawns of materials, npcs, or animals they will despawn and no one can farm them. Although there may be brimstone in the swungle you have to think about location of bases and what is easier to transport for that person. If someone is blocking a spawn point it’s inconvenient for everyone.

Ty guys I know several sulfur spawn plases too) But i need know about official position FUNCOM

Private servers unplayeble coz humans nature))) If official servers cant protect players against pplz that

destroyed game lore, content etc i need to know that

Acca, if you think that private servers are not playable - better don’t try official ones, as Funcom don’t give a **** about them. At the end they took your money so no need to bother with you anymore.

Funcom know about many issues and exploits and harassing players for months and do nothing. Their excuse is that they don’t have resources to moderate them, no matter that had million of copies of the game sold.

In officials you can see many ways of harassment, exploits, glitches and etc. and will no see any reaction from the Funcom side, except that they will fix those issues… maybe this year, maybe next…

Trust me - I know how you are feeling, but Funcom stand next to those “players” and protects them.


  • officials are full of **** players
  • in most of the private servers you can see the same, as cannot expect that someone will pay all those money just like that.

Still - there are private servers with clear rules, but… never know :slight_smile:

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