Server oficial 3092 ps4


I do not know if I breach any rules of the forum, but I have nothing else to do.
It has been reported many times, was already sanctioned for closing supplies, or opened it and closed it with a multi-account.
To closed dungeons.
If he doesn’t know how to play, let him go to pve
I posted a few weeks ago, about reporting a user or several on the same server.
Several messages were sent to report, with images, all well detailed.
This user has already violated to close sulfur, now he has it with a closed secondary account, but dungeons and sulfur under water closed with his user, in addition to the best sites to make a base.
If I read how to sanction, but they do not put the time.
I know that it is difficult to do it and you have work, but it costs so much once it is read to go to the server and clean what it should not have built?
In my opinion, for repeat offenders, the ban would have to be undefined and in console ip to avoid multi-account.
By keeping people like that, you get those who play legal to stop playing, and obviously not buy the next game, taking into account the experience in this one.
I know you have a job, but in the time it takes you kick everyone out, then open everything and if people come in, they close again …

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I see you’re on PS4. You’re welcome to come to our server.
CST Boosted PvP - Reduced Raid

We don’t allow or tolerate any of those behaviors. Admin is active and keeps players challenged. We’re a little nervous waking up as who knows what will be waiting for us outside our bases each day. It’s especially nice fighting. People don’t run from fights as you don’t drop your loot and they can’t take your loot. Dungeons are more difficult as NPC’s damage is increased and if you laze around in the dungeon you can quickly find yourself surrounded as they respawn fairly quick.

Overall, we think you will have a great time. Even getting attacked by another clan isn’t bad as recovering from a raid takes no time at all with the boosted crafting and harvesting speeds.

Good time. Stop on by. They give you items to get started too. Just join their discord for a free armor set.

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