Improve Favorites

Please take a look at server favorites.

I cannot find a way to add the dedicated server I’ve set up for friends to the favorites list so that I don’t have to enter it’s info every time. Is there an interface for that?

Hmm… In the server list I select a server and click “Favorite” at the bottom. I can then select Favorites from the filter to find it.

Does this not work for your server?

Hi ExNihiloish: Once I figured out how to publish the server to the internet list, then yes, that does work. There is no way to favorite a direct connect via IP address.

Okay gotcha. I didn’t realize you were trying to add it by IP.

I’ve been through a lot of the config files in an attempt to change things that they don’t have in-game settings for; I never saw anything that listed favorites - so I have no idea where that information is saved. If we knew, we could probably update it directly.