Improve thrall A.I

My base was raided by a clan with only three players, stole everything. Get this I had 10 high leveled, highly armored, heavily equipped thralls guarding the base and this one small clan killed them all. I leveled them up to over 60 strength.

They said they used a trick to kill 10 thralls not to mention 6 tigers. This clan cannot fight may I add, being everytime I catch one by their self I kill them and their thrall. So how did they kill all my thralls? I just happen to raid a small base with a about 6 thralls guarding it. When I attacked only two thralls attacked me, the remaining thralls did nothing. So this caused me to suspect that this is what happened at my base, a few attacked while the others just stood around.

If this is so this needs to be fixed. When a base is attacked all thralls are suppose to fight not just two.

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