Improved fish trap on the island of Siptah

Improved fish trap on the island of Siptah.
It’s possible ?
Does anyone know where it is? where can it be learned?



Unfortunately it is another recipe locked behind RNG.

It can be found randomly in vaults, but your best option is using the figurines at the pool of the grey ones.

You can find figurines at the many camps located in the southern islands.

Good luck!


To farm schematic fragments which automatically combine into a random recipe when you get 5 of them, just to clarify and elaborate on that a bit. A few of the figurines are better for this than others, tcho tcho, shaggi, and maybe husk spawn 5 NPCs that all drop fragments. So it’s one recipe per figurine.


You are looking for this

I find it twice in 8080 that I play occasionally the last month but in 8013 3 months now nothing.
RNGesus be with you my friend.
I find it twice in Grey pools by schematic fragments.


OK, thanks for the help,
I’ll keep trying to find this on the map.

Okay, THANK YOU for your help,
I will continue with my search.

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@metal33br forgive my off topic here.
My @LordKAA, is there a chance to gain the silent legion heavy armor recipe from Grey pools? I already have 2 chests of recipes from the tower and the only missing is this one. Thank you.

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Unfortunately there is currently no way to obtain the pride of the silent legion feat on siptah without transfers.
However the NPCs spawned from the silent legion figurines, often drop silent legion heavy pieces.
Alternatively you can summon a level 4 surge using the focus altar of the west, those NPCs also regularly drop the heavy set, which can either be delved to obtain the black knight armor, or kept and repaired with legendary repair kits.

Hope that helps.


@LordKAA , So there is no reason to spend more fragments in the tower 🤦🏼. My goal was the redeemed set, but tbh I don’t care, I use dragon bone armor, I wanted it sooo much to have dragon bone armors. Thank you my friend you saved me a lot of fragments :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


There are 23 new feats in the voidforge (tower). So if you have them all, please save your fragments.

Glad I could help. Have a great evening. :slight_smile:


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