Improved fishtraps

Hi, on my server when i want to build the improved fishtraps the server crashes and starts restarting all over again the whole time until i use an backup.
I already asked the server owners how to fix it but they said its a problem from the game and i should ask the community and there we are. pls help me find an answer!

Thank you all for ur supp

I’m guessing that you are playing on a private server which has mods used on it.
The crashes would be caused by one or more of the mods conflicting with the improved fishtraps coding.
The only solution is for the mod author to fix their mod or for the server owners to stop using that mod.
Perhaps if you list the mods and the order in which they are loaded for the server, another player can tell you if they know of problems using one or more of them. Then you can get in contact with the mod author via the steam workshop mod section to inform the mod author of the problem.


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