Improvement | The Story of the "Forgotten Realm"

Not really a bug per se, but some sort of inconsistency or just forgotten.

There is a huge area in the northern Hemisphere between Bjornar’s Stand and Dragonmouth where is, besides some trees and stones, absolutely nothing. And i really mean absolutely nothing.

But see for yourself.

To make it more clear, i will use a screenshot of the well known Map from the with all ressources and spawns enabled. (Admiration and regards to Mendrak)


Doesn’t it really looks like the “Forgotten Realm” ? :disappointed_relieved:
So, for the sake of game improvment, please give that area some candys. :candy:

Sir Bowen


I agree there is very little through that area did see some levening plants a a dear or two but not much else but snow and trees.

Thanks again for your feedback, @SirBowen
Our team wanted to recreate Norway in all its glory.

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:.That zone is barren intentionally, though.

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You’ve done very well. :rofl:

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