Bulding place in the snowy north

Hi Everyone,
my friends and me had built a large castle settlement near the frozen slopes in our private server. At the start, we hadn’t much a problem with meteorites, but not anymore. : (
So we decided to abandon it and build it anew on another snowy place in the north. We had started the building north-west of the Icespire Chasm (L.latLng(-1541.75, 1490.75)) only to realize after some work, that the ambient music is totally depressive at that spot and a no-go. After another search, we found the nice plateau in the middle of C13. But the question is now, is it safe to build there or will we again attacked by meteorites?

The meteorite maps in the wiki and the online interactive maps, about the meteorite spawns, are told to be outdated, so it would be nice if someone with knowledge or maybe even a dev, could tell us the rough outline of spawn positions or at least tell us if the new spot (L.latLng(-1212.5, 757.25)), is safe to build.

Thanks in advance

There have been a lot of changes lately, but the valley between bjornar´s stand and dragonmouth has always been nice, maybe build an explorer station and check it out.
Maybe you know this already, but I think it is still helpful:


My base was in the frozen north, used to enjoy farming black ice to upgrade it to tier 3. Now everytime i go into an “extreemly cold” area i die, even with spicy food. I ran back to regain my items, equipped new set of armor and weapons, got better spicy food, still died again, then the server shutdown for a restart. i lost all my gear, weapons and now my horse and bearer are stuck up on the mountain.

I understand why they made the changes to the temperature system but, my god has it hit me hard. Almost to the point where I am done now with The Exiled Lands

You need use better armor with more cold protection instead of just relying on spicy food.

Went for the Bridge of the Betrayer, after the last update, was perfectly fine in armor with two points cold-protection.

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