In game chat ps4

I know it’s been said countless times, but a good suggestion would for PS4 to have an in game chat. That’s all


Totally agree, however to the pve server i play now, zeb took the responsibility of making a chat room and it works prety fine. However i believe that in a pvp server this thing wouldn’t work privately. Your enemies wouldn’t like to follow a chat that you create. So it is a nice suggestion, but i think that you must address your idea, to Sony Co too. Nice post man :+1:

So this idea is good for pve and RP servers mainly. I use discord for all of my servers anyway, but an in-game chat is good for those two types. I agree, pvp doesn’t make as good of sense, but for pve and RP it would be great.


As i told you before, totally agree👍

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As a mute… I’d kill for text chat. 2+ years in? I doubt it at this point.


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