In-Game Voice chat not working

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I log on and try to join a gane. Notice it was weird when I couldn’t hear anyone but hey maybe they aren’t talking. Until someone asked “Can you hear me?” So I did what any gamer would do and try to solve the issue. I have the game on Steam and I’m new to it.

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  1. I have my default mic set up in the Steam audio
  2. My mic is working and works with other games.
  3. I can’t hear people talk but I can hear the game. (Default audio settings)
  4. The indicator that is suppose to show up when you push to talk isn’t showing up.
  5. Ive tried removing mods and restarting the game and PC. I validated the file as well with no luck.

Hey @TheGrandDan0

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Based on what you mentioned in your report, it seems you might have problems reaching Vivox’s servers. This could be caused by your firewall software or router.

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