In game voice never works

I have searched the forums and several search engines and tried everything from reinstalling the game to running it as administrator but yet I still cannot get in game voice to work or hear people talking. It does not matter what server I am in, it never works. Can anyone give me another suggestion? I would love to stream this game more and finally try some RP but, not having in game voice ruins the idea. Please advise, thank you in advance!

Hello @UnknownSouljah, welcome to the forums!

What type of microphone are you using?
Is it correctly selected as your main input device in the windows sound settings?
Did you try with and without push to talk enabled?

Greetings @UnknownSouljah

I suggest You to check OS firewall settings, and also router firewall settings, and make sure it is not set to aggressive filtering. Please change it even for a while and check the effects.

The more info you’ll provide (just as @Hugo requested) , the better we can help You.

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Logitech Fatality headset, the same as my fiance. We have identical setups on the same network. I have tried with and without push to talk. Mic is set as main input. Firewall is completely off.

Thank you for the additional details!

Are you running the game with the Steam overlay enabled?
If so, could you try disabling it?

Do you have any mods installed?
If so, could you try removing them?

We’ve also registered this matter for our team to look into, to determine if there are any potential issues with this service.

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No problem. Not running with Steam overlay. I removed mods and still nothing. Its really strange that my fiance can hear and talk fine in game, her pc is identical to mine and on the same network. The only difference is her video card is newer. Could that have anything to do with it?

Unknown, there was (is?) a setting that completely turns of the ability to talk in-game. For the life of me, I cannot find it now, sorry. I’m trying to think of the simple things, that may be different between your game and your fiance’s.

With both of you in-game, could you hit escape and click on Player List? There are icons that show which players have in-game voice enabled. I’m using the screenshot below to demonstrate them. My (JT) voice is off, Derp’s is on. Please let us know if the two of your icons are different.



Mine is actually off, the only person in the server without icons. How do I turn back on now?

You won’t see your own icons, although other players will as they are there to allow muting voice and text chats respectively.

Also, the videocard should have no interference in this.

As long as you have your microphone correctly set up in windows’ sound settings, the game should automatically detect that and make use of it. Are you able to use it in other games or apps or is this issue isolated to Conan Exiles?

Yes, it works in all other games and voip software.

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