In-home dedicated server log access?

A friend runs a server from his home and is getting periodic crashes, often in the same timeframe of the day. We want to know if there is a way to either copy or extract or download the log entries before and during the crash to send to @Ignasi potentially to support dev efforts since we think the source is outside the server.

We are not trying to fix his crashes; he is set up where the system/game reboots in less than 3 minutes and it is immaterial/insignificant to us.

So, other than the screenshot below, is there a way to extract the data?

This shot is under normal conditions, not a crash.

Thanks, in advance,


You’re using the launcher tool. The button is literally right there to take you to the log folder.


Hey @Jim1

As @SylenThunder mentions, there’s an easy way to access the log folder in the launcher. Otherwise you can go to the following folder of your friend’s server:
You can find the recent server logs in there. :slight_smile:

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Sylen, Ignasis, thank you for that. Often it’s hard to see the forest for the snow, or whatever they say in Norway :man_shrugging:



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