In PvP on player loot window “This is a test”?

What’s the “This is a test”?

It wasn’t the player’s name. He had his psn name. Is that some default if he doesn’t pick a name different from psn name?

I don’t usually play pvp. Was only one as we were getting tower of the elephant.

Finally platinum!


No, Funcom just forgot to remove that, it’s the sort field.


Ok thanks @Kikigirl

Oh of course the sort field with the R3 there.

PvP noob here lol


No worries, where you see Player Name? Used to show the actual name. You also used to be able see the contents of inventory.

They made these changes back I believe at launch of AoS or sometime after, around the same time they re-enabled player list names and Funcom IDs statically - because those used to be hidden unless you chatted in some way.

Someone once suggested on the forums this was a way to combat ease of alt body vaults… Didn’t stop anyone, just makes it harder to determine griefers.


Another thing forgotten and overlooked this needs to end honestly. :expressionless:

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Notice in the patch notes they finally fixed player name? It’s been like that for over a year.


Oh huh, well nevertheless I didn’t see that was more annoying I couldn’t find a way to actually loot someone I killed and or died inadvertently. Honestly someone needs to be on a team of lets remember to do the stuff others forget or are to lazy to fix immediately.

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Haha wow over a year?

I post about it and it gets fixed within a week! :joy:
Too bad the other stuff I post doesn’t get fixed that quickly!



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I’m glad to see you are active on the forums and answering questions, etc even though you aren’t currently actually playing.

Appreciate the knowledge and info you bring @Kikigirl

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Unconscious player healthbar is also removed