Increase female thrall spawning

I did some tests. Out of 11 thralls summon 4 we’re female. That means 7/11 thralls we’re male. I normally have to summon a lot of thralls to get female version of the same thrall. I was wondering if a 50/50 percentage could be made. This would allow for a fair female to male ratio of female thrall spawning.


Just spawn 17. Got only 2 female. 15/17 male.

Did another test. 35 summon into thralls. 10/35 were female. 25/35 were male. So 2/7 of the time you get female. 5/7 time you get male.

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You are correct that it is not a 50/50 ratio but I’m pretty sure that is as intended. @CodeMage was simply pointing out that your test wasn’t valid and still isn’t. Perhaps if you spawned 1000 thralls (or even 500), that would be an adequate sample size, however, as I said, I don’t think they want the thralls at 50/50.



I don’t know what the actual ratio is. I imagine the right way to figure it out would be by looking at the DevKit.


Its not 1 value for all thralls in the game. Its hundreds based on the type of thrall spawns. No amount of random testing is going to tell you anything.

You can just look in the dev kit.


I actually think it should be waaay less so getting the female spawns feels more special…

This is information on statistics, it is not a criticism.

The chances of a coin flip, assuming the coin is weighted evenly, to land on heads or tails is 50%.

If I flip 10 coins and get 8 heads and 1 tails, it does not redefine the odds for the last flip, it just means that my sample skewed unexpectedly and defied the predicted pattern because past actions do not affect the current odds. My odds for the last flip remain at 50/50.

In this case, I am going to assume a 60/40 male/female spawn rate, which is a gross simplification since each thrall probably has a different percentage defined for which gender is spawned. Regardless, each time I spawn in a thrall, the chance would be 40% to get a female. If I spawn in 100 male thralls, the chance for a female spawn does not increase as the odds are fixed and not modified based on past actions.

Statistics are a science and science, sans quantum level things, famously, does not consider observation or will or anything else, it just follows the rules, rather like a computer.


What thrall are you even spawning to try and get a female version?

most thralls you tame (hopefully you’re taming T4) are either male or female depending which named thrall spawns.

A few can be either. Relic hunter Treasure seekers and berserkers come to mind. cant rlly think of any others.

Now Bryan we have been over this before.


Honestly, would love to see more T3 female dancers in the northern races. It’s pretty low spawn rate. So bad, I have a friend stationed in the highlands farming T3 female dancers when he sees one. He’s only given me four. It’s almost guaranteed if you see a female in the highlands, she’s a T1… maybe a T2 if you’re lucky.

As someone who uses Admin Panel looking for thralls (when building starter saves or making large battles of Enemies verus NPC’s.

I can tell your out right, the ratio of thralls that are females is really low.

I’d say for every batch I fill quick menu with and place, 1 out of 8 is female. rarely 2 of 8
I’ll go thru inventories of 60-70 thralls, then dump them on ground and add another 60-70 on me, and add to quick slot and place.

Alot of Men thralls.

For most categories anyway. There certain catogires I use alot. Archers from Murial Hope, which have decent pool of females.
Compared to Exiles pool which is heavily male.

Horse Spawns, (both variations from admin panel) and growing from foals is 1 to 7 female.
As a nit picker of blue roan farming… I’ve got a decent simple size of Horse that have been left to rot in bag next to my stables. XD

Darfari is about 3/8 ratio. Not to hard to get a female outta them.
Skelos fairly even.
Northman is largely male.
Lemu is 2/8

Even just roaming map in Ghost mode looking for thralls… (cause on foot after 4-5 hours drains the soul) Alot of Males

As for “increase-female-thrall-spawning” They simple need create more base female thralls. Not increase the spawns.
Then again… the hunt is part of fun. Can’t make it to easy. XD

A better term is Total Insensitivity To Sample-size, AKA “T.I.T.S.” :wink: Another reason to hope for a higher ratio of female to male thralls.

Now the only question to my mind is how exactly can a weighted coin skew the distribution of results? The physics aren’t intuitive to me at all. Seems like it would still be 50/50 @Pugilist.


I had a similar question, then i reread his post he said the coin is “wieghted evenly”, although no coin is, asuming that it should be 50/50 but if he had 8 heads one tails, id say that its 88.8 repeating or roughly 89% heads 11% tails

Edit: itd betore on that than 50/50 in his defense, if its wieghted evenly and still turns out that way there is another factor being overlooked

Would it be fair to say that the Total Insensitivity To Sample-size was the primary motivation for opening this topic? :wink:


Have you ever spawn in 500 thralls into your inventory? Getting 100 thralls is a nightmare. If you did the math total of 63 thralls summon. 16/63 were female. That makes a total of 47/63 male.

Statistics is a probability of something happening, it is not a directive. If something has a 90% probability, it does not follow that it will happen nine times out of ten, it only has the probability of doing so.

Right now it’s feeling like folks are upset because the earth rotates around the sun, so, I won’t be participating in those discussions.

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Repeat this experiment 1000 times and track the result, then your statistics for that thrall will be closer to accurate

Right now, your presentation is akin to me rolling a 6 sides dice 100 times and declaring fact about how all dice roles are resolved.

Because my 100 thralls resulted in a 18/83 female to male ratio. But that’s a single iteration for a single play with zero controls in place.

Upon reflection, however, this data will, most likely, be ignored, so I will step away from the conversation.


You have stated in other threads, that you play single player.

I don’t know what platform you’re on right now, but as Bryan you said, you wanted to switch to PC.

Here are Mods

You’re welcome.
However there is no guarantee they will stay working after update 3.0 the age of card tricks


Mods are unavailable for consoles. Still not Bryan.