Indestructible Meteor

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: LATAM

Indestructible Meteor is a bug or a feature? Is there any way to work arround?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find a Meteor
  2. Try to explode it
  3. Realize it’s indestructible

Well you did all what I would do… Try it from several angles/positions.

But after 3-5 I give normaly up… Some people said it could be of server-sync issue. So the meteor isnt even there or other position or the collision model is at another position.

Try using a grease orb first before trying to ignite it.

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It’s As been happening for the past years. On rare occasion only. PS4 official PvP for me

Hello @zakijah, it’s possible for meteors to take several explosives to crack open, as Dzonatas suggested using a grease orb or even an oil arrow usually helps.

In any case, we’ll be sure to register your feedback.

Thanks, @Dzonatas. I’ll try

It’s happening to me very often.

Ok, my doubt was if it is intentional or a bug. Now I can see it’s intentional. Thanks for the info.

I’ve found that on some occasions, if I run out of render distance of a meteor and then return later that I can then crack open one that was previously indestructible. Sometimes I’ll even maproom away and return later with some success, but it’s rare that that works.

Since those gimmicks seem to work less than 30% of the time, usually I just end up ignoring meteors that end up in this state. :frowning:

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I am ignoring them too. I try at most 5 explosive arrows, and if it doesn’t work I walk away and try to find another. Last time, none of four meteors that I found exploded. That’s why i posted here.

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I mean I only collect them once a month Wich give about 3k star metal bars. (Black blood pick + oil of bounty) so that maybe why I don’t see it often lol

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