Fix the indestructible Meteor

Any chance you could fix the meteor that can never be opened? Some meteors just won’t break open to give me the creamy blue filling and it’s really beginning to get frustrating.

Just saying…


This will always be a possibility. It has more to do with loading than an actual “physical” issue. The only way it will be reduced is to continue with optimization. The issues seems to be that sometimes the hit boxes are not loading for the meteor, thus you can’t break them. A fix that works a majority of the time is to run out of render than back, and hope the reloading of the assets corrects it.


Ooor if nothing works, just admin spawn ~150 star metal ore. If the game can do this with you, you can do it too! :smile:

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Arrows stick better orbs, orbs take less. You just have to know h throw them.
I made Mrs, Mrs Jones throw water orbs until she could place them where they needed to be. its fun too

practice makes perfect

Theres a trick to cracking them open. You need to either be up range and hit the top part of meteor with oil arrow then explosive. If that doesnt work change your angle of attack. But always hit the top portion of the meteor.

Use oil and explosive arrows. Cheap in the long term.

P.S. Use a set of armor preferable light, equipped with Gliding Joints mod. You may need to climb into some pretty high places.

I always thought you need to open them while they’re still smoking.
once it’s no longer smoking it’s getting ready to de-spawn and can’t be opened.

so I thought a fix would be a faster de-spawn when it quits smoking.

Honestly, Most of the “unbreakables” Just seem to be to far in ground, cause if you get explosive to hit just right. It’ll work.

Kinda like alot of plants n’ stones, if your below it when striking it, it’ll work just fine. But aiming down at it… you’ll whiff right thru them.

There a few that really tend to do this.

Not sure how they are set to land and place… if its something to set them to land the extra nudge above location, or they ahve go thru every landing spot…which I can see why its taken so long to touch up on them,

That’s all I use. It does not work every time. That’s my point.

Nope, never works. Usually, what happens is, we can take the first meteor but when we got to take a second meteor it won’t break. We even have other clan members come try to break it. Nope, won’t break. We’ve even tried relogging and even rebooting to see if it was a lag issue without success.

I’ve never seen one NOT smoking.

I’ve never seen them look or be any deeper. They always look the same. The problem ONLY seems to happen once we’ve already taken one meteor already. This is a coding problem, not a lag or angle problem. We’ve been playing for going on three years and can tell you, we’re not new to breaking open meteors. I’ll have to start capturing video of it to show people.

There certain ones that always do it for me. There certain spots, I can nab all of them no issues.
One that drops just Sw of my little mining shack, has habit of doing it 90% of time, by 2-3 that fall further down ledges and in forest… no issue.

yea i always use exp arrows nothing else and i’ve had it take up to 12 arrows. i just usually lose patience after 3-4 and move on. every time i shoot i move slightly and aim for a different spot, but seems to be no full proof method of where to aim.

So I’ve been testing someone else’s suggestion and it does seem to help greatly. Yesterday I collected 4 meteors because of it. And two of them, (using my previous method) wouldn’t break.

It’s all about the angle it seems. It seems that if you can shoot your arrow DOWN on it from an elevated position. A 100% success rate has been happening now.

I hope this helps.

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