Infinite loadscreens on login, pvp server

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4

Issue Type: Crash

Game Mode: Online Private

Server Type: PvP

Map: Exiled Lands

Server Name: FRESHER Plague Lands 10x

Bug Description:

Attempt to load into character inside base. Game runs thru multiple load screens very slowly until character loads for one second, then server crashes connection. Can try multiple times in a row with character and nothing changes. I have been able to load into server fine on other characters, but if I log out anywhere near a larger base, game gives me info I load screens. Happens on multiple servers for me and many teammates, consistently happening since AOW Chap 2 hotfix1.

Bug Reproduction:

Logged out, had server reset, or tried to respawn at base. Game losses connection and give infinite loadscreens after. Tried to remove different base components and lessen load, no help for issue.

Can be replicated on multiple different servers or other bases. I have tried to restore licenses on ps4, tried a full power cycle to clear cache, and restart ps4 and app multiple times, nothing changes or helps issues.

If I can get any sort of update on a time for fix. My clan and I have been locked out of our server and practically unable to play going on 2 weeks now.

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Hello, thank you for the reply and link for discord. Do we have **any update or time release for a possible fix? **This issue is something that has been non stop since hotfix 1 and is making the game near unplayable on my character. I know personally 3 other teammates and multiple multiple other players are being affected the same. Widespread issues across pvec servers also. I understand bugs coming up from time to time, but this issue was introduced to my game from a hotfix for lag issues in AOW chap 2. In the time since a hotfix was released which did practically nothing to help. Kinda frustrating

This happens often on PVE-C for me. Usually if I hit a direction on the d-pad it will crash the game then when I load in again it works fine. May be worth a shot.

I appreciate the trick but I don’t think this will work. Sometimes when I try to log it will load all the way just to crash at character. Other times I can force a crash before the load finishes and it makes no difference on following attempts. I will also add that when the hotfix dropped, my base was not even halfway done being built, only 1200 pieces at that time. Load screen issues became persistent from that hotfix time forward for me and all teammates at that location.

This tells me that it is a specific problem with the update/game coding introduced, either from the location of base (priest king retreat big tower) or from coding related to rendering base pieces.

Please can funcom give me some sort of input instead of a link to some discord group to speculate in……,…:

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