Infinity Death and Loading screen

Game mode: Official
Problem: Crash | Bug | Misc

Infinity Death and Loading screen

Game never enter on server,or you never respawn if you die,it stays on 0 seg,happening to several members of server #1996

Repro steps:
1.Die for Infinity Death
2.or try to login in server #1996 for Infinity Loading screen


Same here, on 1976 !!!

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Infinity load screen for me too server #1996

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Same here! #1996

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Also happening to me on server 1986
when i die the timer goes to zero, but i have to wait like 5 minutes to respawn. and when i try to join the server sometimes it works, but most times it gets stucks loading, i can hear sounds if i press esc, m for maps and things but it won`t show anything other than the loading screen.

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2 days already that i mostly cant play,before was slot numbers,but now its mainly because the infinity loading screen…

This was happening on my private server before the update. A large clan was ddosing the server some how to prevent people from logging in, once our IP address was changed it stopped happening.

Game mode: Dedicated
Problem: Crash | Bug | Misc

Sadly having to report the same on a private server (30 slots).
Respawn after death takes 10+ minutes.

It correlates always with more than 20+ players being online and then players start having this issue, as well as being entirely unable to login to the server and being stuck on the loading screen.

Server was up and running for a good year with no such issues and had a clean wipe on release day.

Game mode: Official
Problem: Crash | Bug | Misc

Loading screen

Game never enter on server, I’m more than 20 min on the loading screen and nothing.
the other pve server from South America is always full, on # 1976 I can not log in since the second day when I died and did not show up in the desert, the time has reached zero and does not leave the death screen so I pressed esc and exit to the main menu, now I can not log in to the server anymore, I’ve been waiting for more than 45 minutes on the loading screen and it does not load, I do not know what to do to play in an official server, because there are 2 options and one always is full then I still could not enjoy the game I have since the 1st day of EA

i found it, so the funcom know about it yet and are work on it.


Our dedicated server is running into this issue after official release now. It happened out of nowhere starting right after wiped for a fresh start on Thursday.

Any news on SA servers?

nothing till now :triumph:

SA #3985 and SA #3995, it takes 1 to 2 hours of restarting the game every 10 to 15 minutes to be able to connect, bought the game yesterday and me and my friend cant login, stuck at loading screen… what are we supposed to do? We want to play it…

i have th exact same problem, 20 minutes to log in when im lucky and to respawn.
i host in other host, not in g-whatever so its not a hosting problem, its something else, check ur server files or authetication servers or something conan exiles, come on

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