Information Thread for beginners! What you should know about Expansions, AA stuff, gear and so on


the Expansion has a lot more content though !



You are right but I only said “Expansions” because that term is generally known / used for things like DLCs that add new quests, dungeons, play fields and so on (in basically every game out there).
Adding both Adventure Pack and Expansion might confuse some people who are completely new to AoC and don’t know the difference (since there is no real difference besides the name).



I understand that and you did write it for the new players.

I just know from playing other games if I buy an expansion I expect something on the larger / grander scale, where as if I buy an adventure pack I know it’s going to be more limited in scope.

While I haven’t played a lot of MMO’s, the one’s I have or know of; DDO, LotRO, even WoW all make the distinction.