Instant Kill overencumbered

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: #1100
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Bug Reproduction:

They get double jump + overencumbered and double jump on you at any height to instakill you, no matter your HP (700-800+) or armor. So they are jumping all around like a bunny killing everyone.

it’s not a feat. because it is a skill that was added voluntarily by funcom. :stuck_out_tongue:

many players have reported this. but from what i’ve seen you’re the only one to say it’s a feat :slight_smile:

But dont worry .
it will probably be fixed one day.

For now play in pve ?

I consider it a feat because they was double jumping at ground level, not jumping from a tower or so… So this ruins the pvp experience ALOT, why u would gear up and do melee if u can go naked inventory full of stones and double jump on enemy head?

This isn’t a bug, there’s an achievement for doing it.


to beat your enemy use his weapon against him. :bongocat:

I find this way of killing very interesting. because the clans loves to attack the weak.

this way of killing allows you to have a chance face to the clans. and to escape more easily

It’s the last one shot mechanic left in the game other than the random elevator kill


I wish they had 1 shot traps that would replicate the mario stomp.

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Super Mario builds :joy:

The Goomba Build. It has always been a thing and abused by both good and players . It is becoming way more prominent on officials due to the new perk system which allows for a naked player lv 40+ to one shot a fully geared player who may be a much better fighter than them. Couple this with the extreme lag plaguing official PvP servers this playstyle is really becoming a major problem.
Before the talent rework, this playstyle was still possible but required a very specific build/gear/buff setup. Thats not the case now as 4x harvest on officials makes becoming overencumbered effortless so theres no risk invilved, its all potrntial reward.
Most pvp players who follow a more meta playstyle all use double jump as it adds extra mobility to get away from attackers, however players who would like to try other builds are at a massive disadvantage when trying to fight against someone who might be able to pull off the Goomba Stomp 1 shot.
I have a few solutions to this issue which should be an easy fix but i wont count on it anytime soon.
Here are my solutions:

  1. Remove the one shkt regardless of HP and have it either take the victim down to 1 hp OR have the “crushed” mechanic ( the 1 shot mechanic) do a set amount of damage i.e 300- 700dmg . A higher number is fine ad it would at least be counterable by the increased HP . Maybe 75-90% of the victims max HP, allowing the goomba stomp to still be viable as it would drop the victims hp low enough for teammates to finish the kill.

  2. Leave “crushed” 1 shot as is but add in game counter play. Perk 4 in grit, the one that makes so you cant take more than 1/4 youre total hp in a single hit actually work against being goombad.
    This is a cool perk which i find oy really useful in fully corrupted low HP builds. But simce “crushed” doesnt coumt as the dmg type this perk looks for it is negated by it and still a 1 shot.
    Or perhaps the Last Stand perk from vitality, though i think the grit perk suits it better.

Funcom, please address this. Its just another goofy gimmick that pvpers have to put up with.
Porked thralls, horse lances, now double jump goomba…

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