Suggestion for pvp --- MAIN : GOOMBA BUILD RIDICOLOUS

Since the 3.0 update, pvp has received a great improvement, in terms of combat, movement, healings and weapons.
Problems that, in my opinion, need to be changed are:

  1. Goomba build: The most embarrassing and ridiculous element of the game.
    Embarrassing, I repeat, to allow a player to have a double jump, encoumbarance and 900 hp build.
    What currently happens in official pvp servers is the presence of naked players, trying to jump on your head. The pvp is completely canceled because now people try to abuse this crap (also made easy by the absurd server lag).
  2. Last standing perk: You have to reduce the time of this perk; the moment of invincibility lasts too long and often it is not possible to finish a player.
  3. Daggers still shamed, spammed and boring for the fight.

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