Suggestion for pvp --- MAIN : GOOMBA BUILD RIDICOLOUS

Since the 3.0 update, pvp has received a great improvement, in terms of combat, movement, healings and weapons.
Problems that, in my opinion, need to be changed are:

  1. Goomba build: The most embarrassing and ridiculous element of the game.
    Embarrassing, I repeat, to allow a player to have a double jump, encoumbarance and 900 hp build.
    What currently happens in official pvp servers is the presence of naked players, trying to jump on your head. The pvp is completely canceled because now people try to abuse this crap (also made easy by the absurd server lag).
  2. Last standing perk: You have to reduce the time of this perk; the moment of invincibility lasts too long and often it is not possible to finish a player.
  3. Daggers still shamed, spammed and boring for the fight.

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The Goomba PvP Meta absolutely broke 3.0. 2.8 you needed specific high end gear to use the build but with 60 points you can double jump and carry over weight and naked goomba. it’s the lowest risk highest reward build in the game. A one shot build you never have to attack with. Having such a cheesy build reduces the PvP combat from the dark souls experience into a Mario 64 MMO.


There is no easy fix after 3.0 messy overhaul of the talent tree. 2.8 it was difficult to build and you had to risk a endgame kit. I’m not sure if it’s better to leave it a broken Meta or to remove carry weight kills thus stripping away the depth of play that existed in 2.8

The Goomba WHAT? It started out as the Tower of the Elephant. And then some idiot decided to change it into a weapon. How many people are going to let someone jump on top of their head. I will kill them first and then take their rocks away. And build a shroud of there rocks around them

Concordo o pvp terminou com a atualização de 3.0 antes era bons tempos mas isso não irá voltar mais é como a atualização da escalada e do cavalo que aliás estava ótimo antes de atualizar então já considero que o pvp morreu junto com a atualização SORCERY vou deixar um F para quem jogou antes


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On top of it we have a new chapter upcoming which may or may not change some mechanics so it might become confusing / irrelevant (I don’t have the beta downloaded so wouldn’t know)

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As far as i am concerned goomba stomping is cheating. You shouldnt be able to insta kill someone by running around with a bunch of stone inbthe inventory and jumping on their head. If you cant fight then learn how and quit cheap shotting people


I feel the same way about dagger users on official.


Yup goomba needs to go. Daggers aren’t insta kill so a lot less of a problem (still cheesy when you add in lag)


Except that there’s an entire achievement associated with it. Seems like a pretty intentional mechanic on FC’s part. Not some sort of weird oversight.


I would theorize that carrying 200k worth of stone is not a possible feat for any human, therefore anyone doing it is cheating as well.

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You’re right. I also agree that the 5th encumbrance perk should be removed from the game. I’m glad we see eye to eye on that.


As long as a sheet of paper and a grown elephant take up the same amount of space in our inventory, and we can carry the same amount of things naked as we can with a backpack, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the weights of stuff.


U can goomba stomp them right back if they are over enc and u land on their head without being over enc yourself u kill them.

@Dean994 I’m aware that’s the way it’s always been but I’ve been fighting a clan who usually runs 3 goomba builds. I’m not sure if lag has something to do with it but the last few times I jumped on their head the actually did not die. I need to do a proper test to see if they changed something recently.

Also this is a common thing people say “ just jump on them” and to that I’ll say easier said than done especially when you have gear to loose and they just have carpets to loose. It screams inexperience to pvp