Proposal for Goomba stomping / Crushing people in PvP

Hey there everyone and @Community

There have been many threads popping up on the forums regarding the issue with this mechanic in PvP.
People don’t seem to overly enjoy being crushed to death instantly by others double-jumping on their heads. (understandably)

I have seen a lot of really destructive suggestions regarding this and even though I also added my suggestion to those threads, it’s kind of getting lost there.

So I decided to take initiative and make this thread, before we end up with some really harsh and out of scope “nerf” because of all the complaints.

Disclaimer: I haven’t played Conan PvP for a very long time and have absolutely no horse in this race from a PvP perspective. My only goal is to suggest some compromise that might be “good enough” for the majority of PvP players, while preserving everything else and having the least destructive impact on the game.

So what is the suggestion?
This 40 second video demonstrates it in action:

Simply require the player to fall from ~3 foundations high at least (or higher… value can be tweaked ofc) in order to kill their target.

I believe this will be more than sufficient to solve the problem and implementation is actually not difficult (as you can see above I threw it together just from blueprints, took like 5 minutes).

Why is this enough? Because it will eliminate abusing double-jump to be able to kill people anywhere on flat ground and would confine the use of this mechanic to very niche base-defense situations.

Because of this, it will no longer be worth it for people to even have this attribute configuration, so it will be the very “last resort” niche defense of maybe the clan farmer who’s already on a similar build, but active fighters would be rendering themselves useless by picking this build

At the same time it preserves absolutely everything… Double jump, beast of burden, goomba stomping with the tower of the elephant achievement… and even the odd PvP use without it being excessive and constant, at least that’s the theory :man_shrugging:

I invite players to voice their opinion on this particular solution, without taking the thread off-topic and restarting the various other destructive suggestions, I’m basically just curious whether PvP player would be happy with a compromise like this or be willing to try it as a first step.

In any case, should this be sufficient for the PvP community, then I’m rooting for them so it gets implemented and maybe it would also be a step in the right direction to reduce hostilities between PvP and PvE players on the forums or an example that it IS possible to compromise and try to come up with non-destructive solutions to balancing problems.



I wholeheartedly endorse @Xevyr idea. Lets make it happen and get this ‘goomba stomp’ straightened out.


I’ve seen this in use in base-offensive positions. Happens right after the raid when the raiders are still picking up. Both, raiders and raided, show up naked… one gets crushed. Careful, because there is lag in the sound of the crushing blow.

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No reason to change anything. Only two ways you get goomba stomped, you had no idea they were there or they just happened to get lucky.

Well, if it was just me then I’d be fine with that :slight_smile: However as you can see the reason is that there is a fair amount of PvP players actively demanding the change.

And if the past has taught us anything, it’s that it is best to try and at least mitigate the potential damage that could bring… A lot of times the people requesting it just want it gone and don’t care how destructive the approach is.

Look at the katana dash for example… that was a telegraphed move that required 3 other hits preceding it within the combo timer and once you started charging your direction was locked in and wasn’t even an instant kill for the most part, just a high damage one… instead of finding some middle-ground due to all the complaints Funcom just nerfed it to the ground.

If you read through some of these threads, you’ll see all sorts of suggestions. Such as “remove double jump”, “remove beast of burden”, “remove double jump when overencumbered” etc etc.

So I’d personally rather have the above mentioned suggestion that gets rid of the “problem” while preserving everyhting else, than any of those other suggestions that would start altering completely different stuff. I think it’s clear where I’m coming from, just trying to facilitate some form of acceptable compromise that won’t kick the dust up between pvp and pve players agian and doesn’t nerf more things into uselessness :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a couple of examples of recent threads on this


Honestly, FC should either just remove the ability to jump or the ability to carry things. :joy:

In all seriousness, I like your proposal and I’m glad you created this thread.

That you could put it together so quickly makes me think it should be similarly easy for FC to replicate in game.


Personally I dont have an issue with Goomba. It is counterable. My issue is the lag switching which goomba helps to counter otherwise be more problematic. Either way always something to change that someone doesnt like. It is better than seeing pork thralls.

This one agrees.
Double jump stomp is… Not so consistent with the rest of the game?
But having a minimum distance to trigger drop bear boom, that is this one’s thought as well.


For those not interested in jumping on someone’s head “we” would suggest giving some feedback on the feedback forum as the OP has done. And then of course play the game. Everyone spends a lot of time and effort in this game. So annoying stuff like the OP addressed should absolutely be considered and adjusted and I think the original suggestion at the start of this thread is a good idea.


I used words (we don’t own them (regular not trademarks, etc,etc, no one does) these ones in particular as a point by point response to your statement that essentially stated that the OP and anyone that agreed with it to shut up and move on. I am sorry that was not clear. I hope I cleared this up now. Also, I am sorry for this slight derail @Xevyr of your thread.

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Dont forget to like OP if you want this change.

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This = Answer

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So you used @nitecat words and made it look like your suggestion priceless and she gets flagged @Sairdontis

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