Encumbrance kill

Is it me or does the encumbrance killing method need to be fixed.

You can join a server, get to level 20 and start jumping on heads.

This has ruined PvP

Sort this out @Funcom @Ignasi

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Seems EVERYTHING ruins pvp…XD


While I sort of agree with the idea and if it was up to me I’d change it to where it’s only deadly if jumped on someone from a height of at least 2 foundations and in other cases simply apply some silly cripple buff or something with no damage, I also agree with @Ragnaguard above…
It’s kind of a meme at this point that people show up in this “scarecrow” manner and prophesize doomsday scenarios about everything… Maybe we should make a list of things that aren’t ruining PvP, might be shorter :man_shrugging:


A fully encumberered character should deplete his stamina at twice the pace of the normal if is on beast of burden perk or full strength perk and at 4 times the pace when u have the any other option. A fully encumbered character should NEVER jump more than once (and this should auto deplete all of ur stamina). Also landing on someone should half both ur and the other player hp…

The issue however is not seem to be the way FC tries to satisfy pvp players . The issue is what pvp players are asking for…
I have tried to mention more than enough times that the way u ask for nerfs, only leads to the next OP thing “that ruins pvp”…

I can also bet that the OP was killed in such a way , and being unable to counter such attacks, he got frustrated and came here to point out his frustration reason (i justify his frustration) .

So upon seing this numerous times its a meme indeed and @Xevyr got it on spot.

So OP , what is the solution u have to counter offer in order to fix this?


It’s changed pvp a bit. Pvp is always changing metas ect but eventually things get fixed. In the mean time you’ll have to adapt and second guess every naked standing on a vault or foundation.

Side note I do like the fact that farmers can have a way of actually fighting back (as cheesy as it is). I wish there was some sort of a way to strictly tie the ability to gomba to farmers only because this type of one shot mechanic has no place in Conan combat.

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Highly doubt that dowgrading was his intention…

They BUGGED Double Jump to prevent situations like this. What more could you want?

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Double jump goomba stomp builds are super annoying in PvP for sure. Ive never been a fan of ut but in the past it wasnt as powerful as it is now due to the talent/perk system revamp.
The current system allows a naked player to have full vit perks, full agility with double jump and full encumbrance not needing any gear, therefore minimizing risk and increasing potential reward. Its simply too easy for players to play like annoying turds.
At least in the previous sytem in order to achieve an encumbrance goomba stomp build you had to build specifically a certain way, have buffs, and actuall come to the fight in an armor kit, thus actually increasing the risk of running this build and potential loss on death.
Ontop of all of this the last stand perk is so OP , especially for dbl jump goomba players. Even if you start locking them up, the forgiveness that Last Stand offers to get away is just too good.
New perk system is kimda cool, but also pretty whack.
At least make the last perk in grit negate being 1 shot from crushed. There needs to be a better counterplay to this playstyle, not just jumping on their heads before they jump on yours. Thats not why pvp players play conan, we enjoy combat. If we wqnted to play super mario wed go play super mario.


So the old Tower of the Elephant for a Trophy has been turned into a PVP meta I was my wife’s first kill with it years ago by accident.

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Actually the opposite happened. I got to level 20 and put everything into encumbrance and as I’m running passed an obelisk I see someone porting through and decided to jump in his head.

Now that may seem rewarding for me however I don’t agree with it as I know this could (and most likely will) happen to me.

Don’t get me wrong - I’ve come across players trying to jump on my head but this does ruin PvP (not entirely). It allows for an easy method to kill which shouldn’t happen if you are raiding or in combat.

I reckon to counter this there should be an armour piece that prevents you from dying or like you mentioned the stamina should deplete quicker.


Does Encumbrance kill you while you have Last Stand and Thewed Steel?
Cuz these 2 defensive perks are PVP meta too.

Yes still an instant kill regardless of perks, armor, or health. We tested steel thewed in the hopes it would work but it didn’t make a difference.

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It is a very cheap and pathetic way of killing someone, and i guarantee funcom has absolutely no idea on how to fix it. Thats all the people do on the server i play on, they just run around naked and try and jump on you…

Ummm… it’s an intended feature?.. hello? :smiley:
There’s nothing to “fix” they know perfectly well how to CHANGE it if they want to, since they made the feature…

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I agree. Simple changes like double jump drains all stamina when over-encumbered or make steel thewed take effect against it will do.

I am interested if you will ever get a straight answer to this very basic question.

So many haters in this forum lol

Sounds like minecraft might be more suited for you. Lol

Since this topic has devolved, it is now closed.