PVP Ruined by Goomba Stomp builds

Honestly frustrated to no end, The best build in this game to defend your base is a naked man with rocks in his pockets?? seriously? trying to raid a base to have people come out with no kits and encumbrance builds with double jump to kill you take your kits? this is a terrible idea funcom, you essentially created the best troll build, you have zero risk to loose anything and you can move at full speed and loot someone??? why is this a thing? remove the ability to double jump with full encumbrance please!!, this is so broken and dumb, nobody wants to grind for kits just to get stomped in a raid by a naked guy who with a repair hammer that can run into his base store your shit and repair before you can react. PLEASE FUNCOM DO SOMETHING! your game is dead because of this, its not balanced and its not fun… Also repairs and building during a raid is dumb, we cant in a purge but a full on raid we can?? why!! raid lock building or repairs would make things more competitive. LOVE this game everything about it, but PVP is damn near unplayable right now,


What’s wrong with a naked one shot build lol

Yeah has always been like that, so must be intended, riiiiiight? :wink:

I tried reading the OP twice, but they use even less paragraphs than me so it just all blurs together :smiley:

An angry plumber called though… something about Conan PvP ruining their trademark move… dunno what that’s about.

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Probably not specifically, but it is an example of a long running issue with the game and its PVP aspect.

Probably just me and my poor memory, but I remember PVP being much more fun in alpha and beta.

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