Instant "Taming" for thralls

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I found a way to enslave instantly in a wheel of pain NPC, using a taskmaster already “tamed”.
I play in a private server updated and not moded. it has a enslavement speed multiplicator

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Insert an NPC (works with severals too) just captured in a wheel of pain (works with the 3 different type) and launch the process for breaking their will
  2. Insert in the thrall slot in a wheel of pain a taskmaster
  3. It will instantly enslave the thralls inside the wheel
  4. It doesn’t work if you place the taskmaster before the NPC you want to break

I broke my first TaskMaster III thrall, (didn’t have one on the wheel before), put them on the wheel, and my Named thralls (two) were instantly ready…

BUT… the level 3, with them, was not ready - so…
Not sure if this was a bug, as the Named thralls were ‘close’ to being done, and the lvl 3 had just been put on the wheel.

When you insert a taskmaster into the running breaking process on a WoP the taskmasters time bonus will be applied retroactively, as if he was present from the beginning.

That lead to the instant completion upon providing a taskmaster, if the progress was far enough that it would have been finished by that time, if the taskmaster had been present from the beginning.

This allows you to run multiple wheels with a single high level taskmaster, without missing out on conversion time.


As you wrote private server, you do know that this is a server setting? Having instant thralls/pets?


when you log into server, go to your settings, i think you can see what it is set at there. It may be set to faster, and with the taskmaster “trick” seems instant. If not, then contact the server admin, as Funcom has nothing to do with privates, unless the owner reports an issue that is base game related. Mods and private servers are the owners responsibility to log issues and escalate as they see fit.

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