Instruments: Lore, Roleplay, Buffs and More

Conan Exiles allow for users to explore a vast beautiful landscape with many different cultures, religions, and regions to visit. While they are beautiful, it does not mean we should stop there.

I’m suggesting adding better instruments to the game. Interactive instruments. The current game does have instruments but they lack utility and feel disappointing. Many games employ the controls in different ways.

In Atlas, the player is allowed to play an accordion with notes on the screen for the player to play along to. The songs are limited and already chosen in the game. I will be referring to this as the restrictive approach
While games like Rust, the player has the ability to play any song at will. In Rust the player can use a variety of instruments. Two examples would be a flute and guitar. I will be referring to this as the open approach

I would share references here but I am new here and do not believe I can share Youtube links after reading the guidelines. I would suggest looking into Atlas and Rust instruments on your own to build a further understanding of this topic.

Pros to the restrictive approach:

  • It allows for players to quickly pick up songs and learn them.
  • It would not require any real understanding of how music works in real life.
  • It would allow for more lore in the game revolving around music.
  • It opens up a lot of interesting mechanics in roleplay

Cons of the restrictive approach:

  • The game would only have a set amount of songs
  • A “skilled” musician in the game may be seen as not really possible due to everyone’s skill level being around the same with the notes on screen

Pros to the open approach:

  • Players can freely play any notes to play potentially any songs.
  • Players can appear with a skill level (not a real level, just one’s understanding of the instruments)

Cons to the open approach:

  • It could work against the lore. We wouldn’t be able to add songs from the lore that would go along with it (without a combination of both approaches).
  • Removes really the chance for adding buffs

The pros and cons of the open approach are pretty much the opposite of the restrictive approach’s

In my opinion both approaches are a great idea. They have pros and cons to them but overall I would really love to see more player music in the game. It would open up a lot of new options in the game and perhaps new mechanics could revolve around music. I would suggest that a mixed approach would be better. Perhaps where there are songs one can play along to, yet also have it where you can freely play the instrument as well.

Future considerations could be to look into buffs from music. A war song could increase strength while another player fights. This could affect PVP and PVE also in many interesting ways. If we take the open approach, I would suggest this addition to the game has to be done right. Doing it in a poor way could leave the player confused on how to manipulate the instrument or just make the player annoyed at using instruments.

I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts for a while on this topic. Please bring in criticism and expand on my ideas. Tell me what you think and if this should move forward into being apart of the beautiful open world of Conan Exiles. :blush:

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