Insulated Stairs with Rails bug

Game mode: [Online Private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PVP]
Region: [Central]

The insulated stairs with rails that go up to my base are there and you can climb them but as you climb them you get the falling animation. As well I was gonna try and replace them but they are not a actual object anymore, couldn’t destroy them, and when I could line up new stairs to place I just get “Failed to place object” message.

I have a image of me doing a falling animation but could not upload or place a link to it.

  1. No steps just after the last update, as of 10/30/2020, the stairs just decided they weren’t a thing anymore.

it’s a known bug , that happens more often when you have the game installed on a HDD .

if you have an SSD i suggest to install the game on it , if not , you can always get out of render distance and come back it will work again . ( this means going far engouh that your building piece despawn from your vision )

Yeah, it just randomly fixed itself now, thank you for letting me know it was known.

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