Into the Dark Agartha

What that gonna be? Post your guesses. My guess it will be kind of dungeon/raid content.

I’m envisioning a mega-sized lair area. A true open battlefield. That would be rad.

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A new zone would be utopic.
So instead let’s think about zone clones.
Maybe the Nightmare wing of Agartha ?

I guess some kind of “variable” system o various Agharta branches with variable mobs. Each time you enter instance you will get different mix of branches and mobs.

That would be cool :slight_smile:

My guess is that it will be some sort of event about filth infected agartha leading towards season 2. With a bit of luck giving us a second raid or something like that or a small playzone that stays.

But that is entirely guessed.

“A playzone that stays”, yes. Make it a huge one, full of high-powered lair-type mobs that roam constantly and widely… with camps/strongpoints for each Society to defend. Something to reinforce the feeling of being just one soldier in a big siege.


I doubt we will get that, but I would love it!

It will be scaled as dungeons or sceanrios.

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Go to the Agartha instance > open Settings > Video Options > reduce Brightness
Welcome to the Dark Agartha :low_brightness:


I’ve already been there a few months ago.

Someone forgot to pay the electric bill in Agartha.



This is not what I signed up for.


But there are Fusang buffs on! :smiley: